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Our Sponsorship, Event and Marketing Services

It’s our duty to provide you with the support you need

At Cross Code Sports Marketing we offer a variety of sponsorship, event and marketing services. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ type of service. We sit down and meet with you to determine the best way for us to assist you and your club. Some clubs require us to take care of as much as possible. On the other hand, some clubs only want us to take care of one aspect of their sport club operations such as fundraising. Please have a look at some of the services we can offer then give us a call so we can have a chat about how we can help you!


Collaborating with sponsors is essential to the services we provide. We contact and meet up with local businesses to arrange sponsorship packages. Once an agreement is reached we assist both the club and sponsor to service the agreements deliverables.

Deliverables may include:

  • Scheduled payments and discount offers
  • Corporate signage installations
  • In-house advertising
  • Sponsor posts on social media
  • Game day sponsor collaborations

Events & Competitions

Managing your events is a core responsibility of our service. We organise functions such as:

  • Sports dinners
  • Gala nights
  • Presentations and season launches
  • Networking events

Leave it to us and we can take care of tasks such as ticketing, catering, famous sports people and other guests of honor. We have a track record of managing sports events and competitions which the members love and the clubs have found to be very profitable.

Club Marketing

We can help market your club. Our services include web site development, online marketing, email and SMS campaigns to members and offline marketing such as school newsletter advertising, newspaper advertising and more.

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