Welcome to Cross Code Sports Marketing

Welcome to Cross Code Sports Marketing

Looking for extra assistance at your club?

Look no further because we are here to help. At Cross Code Sports Marketing we will assist your club to raise revenue through our fundraising, sponsorship and marketing activities. We will undertake time consuming tasks such as administration, events management and sponsorship negotiations so your staff members have more time to focus on other operational duties.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your club!

Not generating enough revenue?

Our sponsorship packagessport luncheonsgala nights and season launches will ensure you are financially stable. In addition, our mega raffles such as our 300 club can be implemented into your fundraising initiatives, benefiting your club by up to $22,000. Furthermore, all events and raffle prizes are completely run and funded by us so you can concentrate on other daily tasks.

Are you a business owner looking to sponsor a local sporting club?

Cross Code Sports Marketing is here for you too. Whether you’re after additional business exposure or just want to support your local sports club. We can organise a variety of incentives that will provide you with additional value and business exposure for your contribution.

Some incentives include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate signage around the playing field
  • Training and playing gear advertising
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Invitations to social events
  • Shared content on social media
  • And much more

We strongly believe that teamwork is an integral part of having a successful club. Therefore, we make sure that we provide you with enough value so that you are comfortable with your business decision. Most importantly, we will assist you with your transition into the club through initiatives such as:

  • Player meet and greets
  • Invitations to club events
  • Game day collaborations such as the sponsor kick for cash
  • Game day VIP sponsor areas (Food and beverage packages included)

Ultimately, we will ensure that both parties benefit from the sponsorship, whilst reassuring our sponsors that their club is truly grateful they have the support of the local community.


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