Welcome to Cross Code Sports Marketing

Welcome to Cross Code Sports Marketing

Are you a club that requires extra funds, help with revenue raising, sponsorship or marketing?
Have you the time to look? Well look no further, Cross Code Sports Marketing is at your doorstep.

Cross Code Sports Marketing specialises in raising revenue for clubs just like you. Sponsorship, sport luncheons, gala nights, season launches and mega raffles such as our 300 club raffle which can benefit your club by $22000.00. All these events are completely run by Cross Code Sports Marketing so as you can concentrate on all the day-to-day running of your club.

Are you a business owner who wants to support a local sporting club?

Or is it the exposure you require for your business?
Or perhaps it is both of these. Well once again look no further, Cross Code Sports Marketing is here for you also.

Cross Code Sports Marketing pride themselves on the interaction that they have with both the clubs and the sponsors that they work with.

They strongly believe that this teamwork is integral to having a successful club, with sponsors happy with their business decision as well as being happy socially, and the club is happy knowing that they have the support of the local community.

“Cross Code Sports Marketing”
The team that really does care.

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